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  • Front image artemis at dawn bod powder white background
    front image of day moon bod powder black background

    Bod Powder

    $ 14.00

    Want to reduce the friction in your life? Sometimes staying cool and collected means you need to be dry and dusted. Might sound a little old fashio...

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  • front logo leaf eye coal with top off
    eye coal front logo with top off

    Eye Coal

    $ 18.00

    Because the Eye Coal is in pot form, the color can be rich and dense, something one sacrifices when eyeliner is in a stick and needs more wax to ke...

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  • Lit highlighter top off


    $ 18.00

    Get Lit. Simple as that. The highlighter that works on the eyes, lips, and cheeks is finally here. Warm pinks, sandy beige, and copper flecks join ...

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  • Lip Paint dusk
    Lip Paint wood nymph

    Lip Paint

    $ 24.00

    Holler to all my lipstick loving babes. Adorning your hot self should be fun and carefree, so, like, why are all of these crazy chems in our makeup...

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