Tuesday's Cancer Gift Guide

I've spent years trying to conceal my soft and squishy side, but now everyone just has to deal with the cheese. I'm a Cancer Sun, Scorpio Moon, Scorpio Rising, with a Capricorn dominant remainder of my chart. I love being a homebody and working (from home lollll) and my picks reflect that:

1. Violet Pepper candle by Wary Meyers has been my go-to home scent for years. It's not overwhelming, but is a gentle background peppery floral. Really pleasant and the candle itself is beautiful.

2. Once I find a clothing item I love, I wear it over and over and over again. That's definitely the case with our Pinafore Dress. I have three of them! I spend very little time getting dressed and like to pick things that I can slip on and go about my day without thinking about or adjusting it too much. 

3. As a recovering workaholic, with newish boundaries for work time, I try to do things that will help me reeeeelax when I'm not working, which include CBD dominate edibles (like Phasey's CBD Chocolate!), long baths, Animal Crossing, and tea blends like Mood Flower Calm tea.

4. I typically won't do any beauty steps that take longer than... a second. This rec is for my full skincare routine that takes less than 5 minutes: I use all Noto products and wash with The Wash, follow with Basil Yarrow Mist, Deep serum (applied to my palm, rub my hands together, gently pat on my face), Basil Yarrow Mist again, Hydra Highlighter stick on my cheekbones and bridge of my nose, then my FAVORITE product ever: Noto's Multi-Benne Stain Stick! I use Ono Ono (a terra cotta color) on my lips, cheeks, and sometimes eyes. 

I walk away looking (and feeling) hydrated without being greasy or putting harsh things on my face.

5. I'm an illustrator and fan of writing my tues-do lists by hand. This Kaweco pencil makes the whole process a LOT cuter. Over the years, I've had navy, pink, white, and now lime!

6. Perhaps a more boring, but true to my interests item: A blank desk planner pad by Bison Bookbinding. I feel soothed by writing it all out and seeing my month at a glance. 

7. My friends will tell you that I love writing a sappy ass letter and sending it with a wax seal. These stationery sets from Crown Mill paper are my #1 fav! My personal practice is: If I am having a bad day, I write a letter to a friend telling them what I love about them. It always makes me feel better to reflect on how awesome the people in my life are and also makes me feel good to make other people feel good. I grew up in non-fancy, very practical Nebraska and def dreamed of owning dumb bougie goodies like fine stationery. I also loved watching Frasier as a kid, so that tells you what a fucking nerd I've always been!

If you're imagining me spending my time farting around my house, working, and writing love letters to my friends, you'd be correct. Happy Cancer season, cry during a commercial in my honor this month!


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