I Like Food, Food Tastes Good

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Us: "A lot of you have asked us for food recommendations..."



  • Taylor's Steakhouse (KTown Location)- You will see every kind of person at Taylor's. No one (unless you're not a meat eater) can resist the old time-y allure of the wood paneled, chesterfield tufted, oil painting having interior of Taylor's. Lean into the vibe by showing up in a large faux fur coat and ordering a martini at the bar before lounging under dim lighting and eating their baseball sized steak.
  • Wax Paper- Seriously phenomenal sandwiches with the best owners. Go on Thursday to get their special of the day and if you're not feeling up to eating a shit load of bread, you can order all of the sandies as a salad.
  • Pacific Dining Car- Def haunted and very magical. It's pricey during normal hours, so go here for a late happy hour and have a Lynchian time with all of the intoxicated people ordering lobster platters and drinking champagne.
  • La Guelaguetza- LA staple for Oaxacan food with out of control mole. I like to get the mole sampler and a michelada to split with friends! If you're lucky, you'll get to meet the owner Bricia––she's wonderful. 
  • China Tasty- Handmade Chinese noodles in the SGV. From knife shaved to hand pulled, you can watch the kitchen making your noodz in front of you. End your meal with a round of bowling at the attached alley!
  • Dan Sung Sa- I eat here when I'm planning on getting TOASTED and want to eat hella snax. Order giant bottles of Hite and Chum-Churum with a round of corn cheese, ramen ddukbokki, kimchi pancakes, and––if I'm being honest––vienna sausages on skewers. 



  • Black Hogg Sandwiches - Their soppressata sandwich is fucked up. If you feel like being a true glutton, they also make a Cap'n Crunch chocolate chip cookie that's ::chef's kiss::
  • Pho Cafe - Across the street from Black Hogg on Sunset. Delicious, reasonably priced pho AND if you're like me and crave pho when you're sick, Moon Juice is right next door. Not to be the most LA, but I swear by their Elderberry Tonic when I'm feeling a cold coming on.
  • Button Mash - American and Asian comfort food served in a pinball bar! I swear this burger is my favorite in Los Angeles.
  • Burgers Never Say Die - Speaking of burgers, these burgers are insane. They started as an illegal back patio pop-up operation and now have a brick and mortar location. Order two.
  • Damon's Steakhouse - In Glendale on Brand, this is a tiki themed steakhouse with a separate bar area and their own bbq pit smoker out back. They have amazing Mai Tais and boozy Dole Whip cocktails. You don't even have to go to Disneyland!



  • Pizzanista - Located in the Arts District right next door to Tony's Saloon (cheap booze & bar games, hit it up). A pizza joint run by skaters that regularly hosts a wide array of punks, artsy types and weirdos alike. Affordable and damn delicious pizza! Order a pie or by the slice. They offer an eclectic menu and a variety of specials; but I like to keep it simple with a $2 Tuesday slice of pepp. You can order takeout but definitely go in person and be chill, there's a line! I also highly recommend parking on the street, the "parking lot" is cozy.
  • Hot Gai Chicken - The walk-up window of the Hi-Hat in Highland park. During the day it's the home of beloved breakfast spot, Belle's Bagels. I'm a sucker for a good walk up window but after 5 pm, this one sells fried chicken! Not just any fried chicken either, the best fried chicken I've ever had. Comes spicy or mild, crusted in fried garlic and paired with sticky rice and a generous helping of papaya salad. The service is fast and forks are optional but not necessary, making this one of my all time favorites.
  • The Soto Taco Stand - Located on Soto, directly behind the USC Keck Med building. It doesn't have an official name, to my knowledge; and in the last few years since I first discovered them there, the operation has gotten substantially more intricate thanks to hungry med students. You're free to order what you like, it's all delicious, but there is a way to order properly so here's the rundown: No flour tortillas. Nothing cheese laden. Stick to tacos (Al Pastor or Suadero from this particular stand are choice) and do not skip the cucumbers soaking in chile verde.
  • Cielito Lindo - At the heart of Los Angeles, located on the corner of Cesar Chavez/Alameda in historical Olvera Street, Cielito Lindo has been churning out taquitos with their famous avocado sauce since 1934. A wholesome quick bite at a killer price. $7 gets you three hearty beef taquitos smothered in avocado sauce and a side of rice and beans. They also offer tamales, burritos and an impressive chile relleno but the taquitos are their specialty. I also recommend taking a to-go container of avocado sauce for any and all saucy needs.



  • Beverly Soon Tofu– Anthony Bourdain (RIP) has blown this place up already, so I'd trust him. I go here every single week and order the mushroom soon tofu, spicy level SPICY. (It's actually pretty mild.) 
  • Pine & Crane, delivered– Pine & Crane is not an original restaurant recommendation, but I'm just here to say that as good as it is, it's 100 times better delivered. I like avoiding the line and the awkward search for a free table and instead eating my mapo tofu and minced pork on rice at home with lots of cheap beer and no strangers hovering.
  • Masa– All of my favorite restaurants seem to include very specific routines. This one is: get red wine and caesar salad (or whatever salad you want, I'm not a dictator) while you wait for the craziest, most gorgeous deep dish pizza to come out of the oven. It's one of those places that's not super hip but everyone knows it's good so it'll be busy and delicious.


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